• Thank you to the 2016-2017 NGC Board of Directors for all your hard work and dedication.

    President –Sudie Minamyer

    President-Elect – Catherine Ware

  • Vice President Flower Show – Sally Lutz
  • Vice President-Elect – Mary Pulick
  • Vice President House & Garden Tour – Ann Howat
  • Vice President-Elect House & Garden Tour – Abbi Sladick
  • Treasurer – Janet Donald
  • Assistant Treasurer – Elizabeth Nevin
  • Facilities/Operations Chair – Arlette Bradley
  • Hospitality/Events Chair – Pat Fosberg 


  • Communications Chair – Patti Taylor
  • Development Chair – Lydia Galton
  • Education Chair – Susan Gascoigne
  • Facilities & Operations Chair – Arlette Bradley
  • Hospitality Events Chair – Pat Fosberg
  • Membership Chair – Diane Frisicaro
  • Naples Flower Show Chair Elect – Sally Lutz
  • House & Garden Tour Chair Elect – Ann Howat
  • Past House & Garden Tour Chair – Mary Beth Johns
  • Past Naples Flower Show Chair – Mary Raymond
  • Presidents Council Representative – June Kroeschell
  • Program Chair – Raynelle Perkins

Sudie Minamyer,  President

Catherine Ware, President Elect



Sally Lutz, Vice President Flower Show

Mary Pulick, Vice President-Elect


Ann Howat, Vice President House & Garden Tour


Abbi Sladick, Vice President-Elect House & Garden Tour


Janet Donald, Treasurer


Elizabeth Nevin, Assistant Treasurer


Patti Tayor, Communications Chair

Lydia Galton, Development Chair

Susan Gascoigne, Education Chair


Arlette Bradley, Facilities & Operations Chair

Pat Fosberg, Hospitality & Events Chair


Diane Frisicaro, Membership Chair

Sally Lutz, Naples Flower Show Elect


Ann Howat, House & Garden Tour Chair Elect

Mary Beth Johns,  Past House & Garden Tour Chair



Mary Raymond,  Past Naples Flower Show Chair


June Kroeschell, Presidents Council Representative


Raynelle Perkins, Program Chair