Published February 16, 2011

House on tourWhat a day!  The 2011 House & Garden Tour was magnificent, starting with the weather. It seems that we were covered from two directions, one by the sincere appeal from our own Beth Bacon and number two, the buried gin bottle. Our hospitality room was not only beautifully appointed but gloriously laden with all manner of delicious refreshments and snacks that served our ticket holders from the first tour of the morning to the last buses in the afternoon. Our homes were perfect, in part, thanks to the beautiful floral arrangements, each perfectly suited to their places of honor.

Thanks to our beautiful house hostesses who cared for “their” homes with grace and style and lastly to our equally beautiful bus hostesses, who as the face of NGC, presented the details of each house, raffled the numerous lovely prizes and kept their flock on time and on their toes.  Besides all these people and the wonderful job that each did, there were so many more members helping to insure that our tote bags were loaded, people were directed, home-baked or delicious treats were provided, our Welcome Center raffle was such a success and the public was kept safe and sound. I salute you all.

Click here to see the floral arrangements prepared for the House and Garden tour.  The PDF was prepared by June Kroeschell.  It is a large file so be patient while it downloads.  Click here to view the online gallery.

But of course, none of this could have happened without the generosity of our four wonderful homeowners who also worked so hard to have each of their homes ready and waiting for us.
I heard from many, many of our ticket holders as they emerged smiling, from the returning buses, that this was the best ever, a fabulous mix of homes, beautiful gardens, and on & on. It was really rewarding to see so many happy faces.

I do not want to forget the flawless Member’s Preview Tour. We were able to accommodate all members who signed up to go on our two reserved buses. That day too was weather perfect and a joy for all, especially for our members who work the day of the tour. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

I would like to thank the 2011 Leadership Team for their dedication and tireless efforts: Roberta Ross, Karen Anderson, Ann Westerfield, Raynelle Perkins, Carol Conant, Linda Crescenzi, Carol LaCanfora, Peggy Blackburn, Mary Pulick, Billie Stevens, Pat Frey, Fifi MacMahon, Deb Black, Peggy Coniglio, Jean Lemmon, June Kroeschell, Judy Long, Audrey Hennessey, Lou Kennedy, Bev Metcalf, Paula Braida, Catherine Ware, Arlette Bradley, Barbara Sampson, Diane Dahl, Marty Davis, Mary Raymond, Sue Morrison, Arleen Cluff, and Liz Chehayl, our president who held my hand through thick and thin. These women are the best!

by Linda Brown