2012 Awards

 2012 AWARDS

Design Division Report

Congratulations to our top award winners this year:

Kathleen Hawryluk – Award of Design Excellence and Table Artistry Award  (By the Light of the Silvery Moon)

Sondra Quinn—Petite Award (Dancing in the Moonlight)

Melinda Earle—Designer’s Choice Award (City Lights)

Beth Bacon—Tricolor Award (Sunrise Serenade)

Jill Chamberlain—People’s Choice and Flower Show School Award (Let the Sun Shine In).  The People’s Choice Award was given for the design that won the most votes from our visitors.  The Flower Show School Award was presented in memory of Lois Allen, former President and Flower Show School Chair.

 Jean Lemmon & Gail Pica—Flower Show Chairman’s Award (Reflect & Shine)

Peggy Coniglio & Marilyn Gross—President’s Award (Illuminate & Shadow)

Listed below are all the award winners for each class.  Please click on the names of the first and top award winners to view the design.

Class 1 Shadow Dancing Award
Dolly Ross First  
Bobby Raye Womack Second  
Jean Lemmon Third  
Myra Morrison Honorable Mention  
Class 2 Dancing in the Moonlight  
Sondra Quinn First Petite Award

Renee Lewis

Sue Synnott Third  
Diane Green Honorable Mention  
Class 3 Light as a Feather  
Chris Brown First  
Janet Donald Second  
Irene Pejko Third  
Lin Sprigman Honorable Mention  
Class 4 City Lights  
Melinda Earle First Designer’s Choice Award
Barbara Sampson Second  
Fifi MacMahon Third  
Harriet Eicken Honorable Mention  
Class 5 Dawn’s Early Light  
Lydia Galton First  
Roberta Ross Second  
Nancy Cullman Third  
Catherine Ware Honorable Mention  
 Class 6  Lightning  
Irmeen Barsky First  
Gail Pica Second  
Shirley Wiggenton Third  
Arlene Cluff Honorable Mention  
Class 7  Let the Sun Shine In
Jill Chamberlain First  Flower Show School Award & People’s Choice Award
Susie Estabrook Second  
Diane Green Third  
Audrey Hennessey Honorable Mention  
Class 8 Moonlight Sonata  
Janice Wilhelm First  
Mary Pulick Third  
Lindy Kowalczyk Honorable Mention  
Sue Oldershaw Honorable Mention  
Class 9 Sunrise Serenade  
Beth Bacon First  Tricolor Award
Kathy Erickson Second  
Lindy Kowalczyk Third  
Irene Pejko Honorable Mention  
Class 10

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Kathleen Hawryluk First  Table Artistry Award & Design Excellence Award
Sondra Quinn Second  
Barbara Ricci Third  
Barbara Crossley Honorable Mention  
Class 11 Light My Fire
Mary Raymond First  
Sue Synnott Second  
Terry Pinck Third  
Glenda Farlander Honorable Mention  
Class 12 You Light Up My Life  
Roberta Ross First  
Janice Miller Second  
Pamela Sutton Third  
Marilyn Gross Honorable Mention  
Class 13
Reflect & Shine

Jean Lemmon & Gail Pica First  Flower Show Chairman’s Award
Ellen Meister & Diane Green Second  
Susan Brock & Gertie Myers Third  
Leslie Branda & Dottie Myer Honorable Mention  
Class 14 Glisten & Glow
Cathy Miner & Glenda Farlander First  
Roberta Ross & Mary Pulick Second  
Mary Ann Wisner & Raynelle Perkins Third  
Candi Child & Sue Synnott Honorable Mention  

Class 15

 Illuminate & Shadow  
Gail Duke & Mary Raymond  First  
Peggy Coniglio & Marilyn Gross Second  President’s Award
Sandy Lasch & Catherine Ware Third  
Maureen Kappus & Melinda Earle Honorable Mention  


Horticulture Division Report

Congratulations to our top award winners this year:

  • Judy Brzoska—Award of Horticultural Excellence and Award of Merit, Bromeliad Foliage (Quesnalia marmorata ‘Tim Plowman’)
  • Jill Johnson—Naples Botanical Garden Director’s Award (Member Challenge)
  • John Mayer—People’s Choice, Orchid (Psychopsis mendenhall)
  • Deborah Jalbert—Flower Show School Award, Blooming Bromeliad (Neoregelia)
  • Deborah Jalbert—Award of Merit, Tropical Flowers (Aechmea ‘Blue Tango’)
  • Wendy Knauer—Award of Merit, Flowers from Vines (Bougainvillea)
  • Kris Morton—Award of Merit, Cacti & Succulents (Pachypodium)
  • Kris Morton—Award of Merit, Orchids (BLC MaryAlice Underwood)
  • Arlene Cluff—Arboreal Award, Flowers from Shrubs & Trees (Allamanda cathartica)
  • Catherine Ware—Arboreal Award, Foliage from Shrubs & Trees (Polyscias guilfoylei)
  • Kathleen Hawryluk—Grower’s Choice, Container Plant, Foliage (Begonia)
  • Bernadee Learn—Grower’s Choice, Combination Planting (Assorted Succulents)
  • Janet Tosca—Grower’s Choice, Container Plant, Flowering (Streptocarpella)
  • Deborah Jalbert—Collector’s Showcase (Mini Neoregelias)

Members with the most entries:  Liz Pedersoli (44), Paula Braida (31), Deborah Jalbert (27), Kathleen Hawryluk (21), Arlene Cluff (19), Wendy Knauer (19), Linda LaRue Brown (18), Catherine Ware (17), Jackie Malloy (14), Roberta Ross (11), Leslie Branda (10).  Non-member entries:  Kris Morton (13), Terry Pinck (11), John Mayer (2).

Some Statistics:

  • There were 368 entries, 35% more than last year!
  • 57 members or 24% of our total membership brought in at least one entry
  • 13 individuals, including 2 non-members, brought more than 10 entries, or 69% of the total entries
  • The largest sections were:
    • Foliage Plants in containers (49)
    • Cacti & Succulents in containers (48)
    • Foliage from Shrubs & Trees, cut specimens (41)
    • Foliage Bromeliads in containers or supports (40)
    • Ornamental Foliage, cut specimens (32)
    • Tropical Flowers, cut specimens (30)
    • Flowers from Shrubs & trees, cut specimens (27)
    • Orchids in containers or supports (25)

Our display was extremely colorful and the exhibits were in beautiful condition.  Thanks to all who brought in horticulture to the show!  Also special thanks to all who helped set up for our show this year!  And thank you to the Horticulture Committee for all their hard work and commitment to insuring the success of the show.