2014 Flower Show Awards

Design Division Report

Congratulations to our top award winners this year:

Award of Design Excellence – Kathleen Hawryluk

Designer’s Choice (Sec. A)  – Kathleen Hawryluk

Petite Award (Sec. B) – Mary Raymond

Table Artistry Award (Sec. C) – Carol Conant

Tricolor Award (Sec. D) – Irmeen Barsky

Award of Distinction (Sec. E) – Renee Lewis

Best Use of Color – Roberta Ross

Flower Show Chair’s – Joyce Colvario

Naples Garden Club President’s – Jill Chamberlain

Novice Award (Sec. F) – Madonna Allread

People’s Choice Design – Roberta Ross

Click here to download a PDF list of winners with images!

CLICK HERE to view the Preview Party and the Staging and Set-up Photos.

Class 1 Down the Rabbit Hole Award
Roberta Ross Blue Best Use of Color Award
People’s Choice Award
Jan Padgat Red
Liz Chehayl Yellow
Beth Bacon Honorable Mention
Class 2 Alice’s Adventures
Joyce Colvario Blue Flower Show Chair’s Award
Janice Miller Red
Gail Pica Yellow
Winnie Stone Honorable Mention
Class 3 Frog Footman
Kathleen Hawryluk Blue Design Excellence Award
Designer’s Choice Award
Melinda Earle Red
Theo Kavouras Yellow
Sandy Kavouras Honorable Mention
Class 4 Through The Looking Glass
Barbara Sampson Blue
Jean Lemmon Red
Gertie Myers Yellow
Lin Springman Honorable Mention
Class 5 Open Me  
Mary Raymond Blue Petite Award
Jeanne Bowen Red
Ellie Klingbiel Yellow
Louella McAloose Honorable Mention
Class 6 Kings & Queens
Dolly Ross Blue
Sharon Hiltonen Red
Susie Gascoigne Yellow
Fifi MacMahon Honorable Mention
Helen Roth Honorable Mention
Class 7 Cook’s Choice
Carol Conant Blue Table Artistry Award
Jane Stone Red  
Diane McMillan Yellow  
Raynelle Perkins Honorable Mention  
Class 8 The Queen Dines Alone
Jean Lemmon Blue  
Nan Merrick Red  
Deidre Benson Yellow  
Sondra Quinn Honorable Mention  
Class 9 Drink Me
Marty Ward Blue
Roberta Ross Red  
Mary Pulick Yellow  
Sue Synnott Honorable Mention
Class 10 Mad Hatter
Irmeen Barsky Blue Tri-Color Award
Marilyn Gross Red  
Nancy Cullman Yellow  
Susie Estabrook Honorable Mention  
Class 11 Tea Party
Janice Wilhelm Blue  
Sondra Quinn Red  
Dusti Beaubien Yellow  
Carol Greenwood Honorable Mention  
Class 12 By The Shore
Maritine Amundson Blue  
Kathleen Hawryluk Red  
Linda Heacock Yellow
Wendy Knauer Honorable Mention
Class 13
Diane Green Blue
Jill Chamberlain Red  
Barbara Ricci Yellow  
Catherine Ware Honorable Mention  
Class 14 Tweedledum
Jill Chamberlain Blue  President’s Award
Catherine Ware Red  
Diane Green Yellow  
Barbara Ricci Honorable Mention  
Class 15
The Cheshire Cat

Renee Lewis Blue  Award of Distinction
Arlene Cluff Red  
Marilyn Gross Yellow  
Theresa Pinck Honorable Mention  
Class 16
Lee Ann Burr Blue
Robin Shear Red  
Jackie Frodsham Yellow  
Janet Donald Honorable Mention  
Class 17 White Rabbit
Maronna Allread Blue Novice Award
Julie Peterson Red  
Louella McAloose Yellow  
Vicki Willamson Honorable Mention  
Class 18
The Duchess
Louella McAloose Blue  
Lindsey Clark Red  
Kathleen Maier Yellow
Bo Maher Honorable Mention

 Horticulture Division Report

Congratulations to our top award winners this year!  Click here to download a PDF of all horticulture award winners and images.

Award of Horticulture Excellence – one awarded

  • Succulent Wreath – Julie Peterson

Award of Merit – four awarded

  • Tacca chantrieri  – Sudie Minamyer
  • Congea tomentosa – Jackie Malloy
  • Gloriosa rothschildiana – Liz Pedersoli
  • Cordyline – Arlene Cluff

Arboreal Award – two awarded

  • Calliandra harmatocephala – Lois West
  • Croton – Lois West

Bromeliad Award – two awarded

  • (foliage) Vriesea fenestralis – Jackie Malloy
  • (flowering) Vriecantarea ‘Seeger’ – Kris Morton

Orchid Award – one awarded

  • Dendrobium lindleyi – Kris Morton

Flower Show Chairman’s Award – one awarded

  • Cattleya – Sharon Hiltonen

Collectors Showcase Award  – one Awarded

  • Tillandsia’s on driftwood – Julie Peterson

Growers Choice Award – two awarded

  • Platycerium holttumii – Roberta Ross
  • Begonia ‘Sinbad’ – Paula Braida

President’s Award – one awarded

  • Congea tomentosa – Jackie Malloy

Naples Botanical Director Award – one awarded

  • Member’s Challenge/NBG Award – Ingrid Mcquire

People’s ChoiceAward – one awarded 

  • Succulent wreath – Julie Peterson

Educational Award – one awarded

  • Sensory Plants – Chad Washburn


Special Exhibits Division Report

Congratulations to our top award winners this year!  Click here to download a PDF of all Special Exhibits images.

Section A: Youth

  • Naples Garden Club Youth Artistic Craft Award  – Avalon Global Garden, Yvonne Rodriguez
  • Naples Garden Club Youth Educational Award –Grace Place Children
  • Naples Garden Club Youth Horticulture Award – Avalon Global Garden, Elias
  • Naples Garden Club Youth Participation Awards – All Children
  • Lego Recipient Winners – NBG Youth Lego Competition Winners

Section B: Photography

Class 1 – Flamingos

  •  Leslie Branda
  •  Linda Brown 3rd Place
  • Joyce Colvario 1st Place
  • Harriet Schweitzer 2nd Place
  • Carole Russell
  • Roberta Ross HM

Class 2 – Oyster “Four by Four”

  • Leslie Branda
  • Roberta Ross HM
  •  Joyce Colvario
  •  Carole Russell 1st Place
  • Bernadine Lakefield 3rd Place
  • Sudi Minamyer 2nd Place

Class 3 – Roses for the Queen

  • Linda Brown 3rd Place
  •  Joyce Colvario 1st Place/ Best in Show Award
  • Gail Pica
  • Diane Green
  • Bernadine Lakefield
  • Harriett Schweitzer 2nd Place

Class 4 – House of Cards

  • Jeanne Bowen 2nd Place
  • Joyce Colvario
  • Carole Russell 3rd Place
  • Raynelle Perkins
  • Roberta Ross 1st Place
  • Harriet Schweitzer

Section C: Educational

  • Chad Washburn -Exhibit 1: Sensory Plants 1st Place / Educational Award
  • FGCU – Exhibit 2: Everglades Research HM
  • Taylor Burham – Exhibit 3:  Idea Garden 2nd Place
  • Susie Valentine – Exhibit 4: Florida Epiphytes 3rd Place