2015 Flower Show Awards

Design Division Report

Congratulations to our top award winners this year:

Award of Design Excellence (Sec. B) – Joyce Colvario

Designer’s Choice (Sec. D)  – Bobbye Raye Womack

Petite Award (Sec. C) – Jean Lemmon

Table Artistry Award (Sec. B) – Joyce Colvario

Tricolor Award (Sec. A) – Roberta Ross

Flower Show Chair’s (Sec. D) – Sudie Minamyer

Naples Garden Club President’s (Sec. A) – Gail Pica

Novice Award (Sec. E) – Diane Schmidt

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from the 2015 Naples Flower Show.

Class 1 Sailor’s Bride Award
Roberta Ross Blue Tricolor Award
Melinda Earle Red
Claudette Smith Yellow
Suzy Valentine Honorable Mention
Class 2 Garden Treasures
Carol Conant Blue
Renee Lewis Red
Diane Green Yellow
Arlene Cluff Honorable Mention
Class 3 Autumn Song
Gail Pica Blue President’s Award
Jill Chamberlain Red
Kathleen Hawryluk Yellow
Lindy Kowalczyk Honorable Mention
Class 4 Two Fers
Shirley Wigginton Blue
Susie Gascoigne Red
Martine Amundson Yellow
Raynelle Perkins Honorable Mention
Class 5 Early Bird Special  
Joyce Colvario Blue Table Artistry Award
Award of Design Excellence
Pat Fosberg Red
Barbara Ricci Yellow
Mary Pulick Honorable Mention
Class 6 Alone at Last
Carol Greenwood Blue
Roberta Ross Red
Louella McAloose Yellow
Patti Taylor Honorable Mention
Class 7 Shelling  
Jean Lemmon Blue Petite Award
Dolly Ross Red  
Ellen Meister Yellow  
Myra Morrison Honorable Mention  
Christine Brown Honorable Mention
Class 8 Beach Glass  
Suzanne Synnott Blue  
Linda Heacock Red  
Billie Stevens Yellow  
Susan Kinkead Honorable Mention  
Class 9 Found Objects  
Sondra Quinn Blue
Diane Green Red  
Bobbye Raye Womack Yellow  
Louella McAloose Honorable Mention
Class 10 Nesting  
Bobbye Raye Womack Blue Designers Choice Award
Barbara Sampson Red  
Jane Stone Yellow  
Catherine Ware Honorable Mention  
Class 11 Courting  
Sudie Minamyer Blue Flower Show Chair Award 
Nan Merrick Red  People’s Choice Award
Renee Lewis Yellow  
Jackie Frodsham Honorable Mention  
Class 12 On the Wing  
Suzanne Synnott Blue  
Mary Raymond Red  
Linda Sprigman Yellow
Glenda Farlander Honorable Mention
Class 13
Polly Galliker Blue
Peggy Johnson Red  
Pennie Crawford Yellow  
Mike Malloy Honorable Mention  
Class 14 Sunset  
Linda Brown Blue
Jane Gregory Red  
Carol Breitenbach Yellow  
Anne Lynch Honorable Mention  
Class 15
Green Flash
Diane Schmidt Blue  Novice Award
Diane Harrington-Snoke Red  
Julie Peterson Yellow  
Harriet Schweitzer Honorable Mention

 Horticulture Division Report

Congratulations to our top award winners this year!  Click here to see images from the Flower Show including Horticultural Award Winners.

Award of Horticulture Excellence – one awarded

  • Aechmea marmorata – Jackie Malloy

Award of Merit – five awarded

  • Begonia odorata ‘Alba’ – Arlette Bradley
  • Hippeastrum – Liz Pedersoli
  • Tacca chantrieri – Sudie Minamyer
  • Strongylodon macrobotrys – Linda LaRue Brown
  • Plectranthus scutellarioides ‘Splash’ – Suzy Valentine

Arboreal Award – two awarded

  • Aphelandra sinclairiana – Jackie Malloy
  • Codiaeum variegatum ‘Revolution’ – Roberta Ross

Bromeliad Award – two awarded

  • Dyckia fosteriana ‘Silver Back’ – Janet Donald
  • Aechmea marmorata – Jackie Malloy

Orchid Award – one awarded

  • Dendrobium aggregatum – Roberta Ross

Flower Show Chairman’s Award – one awarded

  • Kitchen Garden – Judy Perkins

Collectors Showcase Award  – two awarded

  • Succulent Collection – Mary Greer Raymond
  • Bromeliad Display – Kris Morton

Growers Choice Award – three awarded

  • Alocasia ‘Sting Ray’- Judy Spann
  • Bromeliad Combination – Gail Duke
  • Hippeastrum – Helen Roth

President’s Award – one awarded

  • Tillandsia latifolia var. leucophylla – Kris Morton

Naples Botanical Director Award – one awarded

  • Kitchen Garden – Judy Perkins

Club Rose Award – one awarded 

  • Rosa ‘Crepuscule’ – Penelope Crawford

Club Cactus Award – one awarded

  • Opuntia cochenillifera variegate – Dusti Beaubien

Club Succulent Award – one awarded

  • Euphorbia cylindrifolia – Sudie Minamyer