Design Awards

Designer’s Choice

Kathleen Hawryluk, 2 Awards of Excellence, Designer’s Choice Award, first place award
Melinda Earle and Barbara Ricci, first place awards


Jill Chamberlain, Tricolor Award and first place award
Shirley Wigginton, President’s Award
Mary Pulick and Jane Gregory, first place awards

Table Artistry

Terry Aufranc, Table Artistry Award and first place award
Susie Gascoigne and Carol Conant, first place awards


Mary Raymond, People’s Choice Award
Barbara Sampson, Flower Show Chair Award and two first place awards
Catherine Ware, Award of Distinction and first place award


Sondra Quinn, Petite Award and first place award
Jeanne Bowen and Sally Lutz, first place awards

Cinderella’s Sidekicks, Section F

Kathy Akenson and Taylor Burnham, first place awards
Novice Award – Melissa McClayton

Club President’s Award for Design

Shirley Wiggenton

Horticulture Awards

Award of Horticulture Excellence—Linda LaRue Brown

Award of Merit—Linda LaRue Brown ( 2 awards), Joyce Fletcher and Ellen Meister

Arboreal Award—Judy Bergauer and BJ Gifford

Award of Merit—Ornamental Foliage—Chad Washburn

Club Orchid Award—Pat Fosberg

Grower’s Choice Award—Jackie Frodsham

Club Bromeliad Award—Diane Cooley and Jackie Frodsham

Club Succulent Award—Jane Ewy

Club Cactus Award—Sudie Minamyer

Grower’s Choice Award—Combination Planting—Sandy Lasch

Grower’s Choice Award—Foliage—Jane Ewy

Collector’s Showcase Award—Linda LaRue Brown

Brian Holley Award, Member Challenge—Melinda Earle

Member Challenge, first place award – Nan Merrick

Popular Vote Award—Susan Latos & Joyce Colvario

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DSC_0250IMG_9050IMG_9043wDSC_0194 (1)catus awardDSC_0227Club Succulent Award