Flower Shows in The Naples Garden Club have a rich history of more than sixty years. Its library, a side room adjacent to its office and meeting room, offers many books of interest for all members, not just for those entering the Flower Show –“Naples Style.”

Librarian Sue Vernia created a special shelf containing current 2017 Flower Show Handbook, copies of the 2007 Handbook, an excellent source for the study of design types, and some recently donated books purchased by Mary Pulick and gifted by her to the library. Mary is Design Chair of the Flower Show and Flower Show Chair Elect for 2019.

Stop by to see what’s on that shelf…..new books are “Outlines of Period Flower Arrangement” (Hannay), “Horticulture Exhibiting and Judging, Hortulana,” ( The 21st Century Edition Heber), and others.

Remember, NGC Library is not a lending library, but you may use the office copier.