Published December 15, 2011

We recently received this heartfelt letter from our Endowed Fellowship recipient, Heidi Stacy.  She is so thankful for our support and is close to graduation because of our help.  In her letter she states:

“…I think it is great that folks and organizations like you find it worthwhile to make a contribution to another person’s success, it is very admirable.  It is my personal philosophy that things like this help to build better communities, which aligns with my long term goals.  It is difficult to imagine that someone else would want to help another person when there is no direct payout.  Perhaps you’ve been in my shoes before and understand the difficulty of juggling school, work, and family obligations?  Either way, the impact of your contribution is substantial….”   

Please click here to read the entire letter.  We wish Heidi all the success in the world and are glad we helped impact her life in such a positive way.