Published April 30, 2012

I have finally gotten around to getting my feet on the ground – I have been flying high! So must you all.

What a show we put on – I heard nothing but accolades from everyone! The Preview Party, the designs, the use of the light technology, the staging, the horticulture, etc. were all outstanding and without flaw. The Parasol ladies (PL’s) were again a big hit – one said that she had her picture taken 106 times and I believe her! One guest said that every time he saw one of them (PL’s) he smiled!

It took many members to put on the spectacular show that we presented. I know that we have set the standard for other Garden Clubs in many ways. I was told more than once that our schedule and ideas for the innovative use of new technology in lighting designs will travel far and wide. What a wonderful feeling it was to receive compliments from all directions.

Stephen Knapp’s painting, ‘Unclear Vision,’ set the professional tone for the show and was an inspiration to us all. It was indeed striking to enter the lobby and see that beautiful piece of art. Christian Jalbert and Mike Hawryluk managed to build a wall to house the painting in front of a plate glass window and did it without nailing anything to the existing structure. Many hours of planning and work went into that project and I thank them for their dedication.

Congratulations to all and particularly to the winners in Horticulture and in Design.

I thank you all for your participation, cooperation and friendship. Together we gave many people a lovely day. More than 2500 people visited our show this year. Bless you all – we did it together!

At the meeting Monday I received two lovely bouquets of lighted flowers and a double orchid plant as a thank you present from the club. What a delightful gesture, and how appropriate. Thank you so much as it made me feel so special!
Kathleen Hawryluk, Chair of The Naples Flower Show, Light, 2012