Interested in Design, Horticulture, the Environment and how they relate to one another? If so, an exciting series of speakers awaits you at the 2013-2014 monthly meetings of the Naples Garden Club.

Beginning at the December meeting, we will vicariously travel to twenty-seven countries over a 35 year period with Dennis Cathcart and his wife, Linda. We will explore remote areas of the world seeking new and varied species of rare and exotic plants featuring bromeliads including orchids and Tillandsias. Before our meeting we will feature a workshop using Tillandsias to decorate your home. Do you know how many species of bromeliads carry the epithet cathcartii?

In January, our members will be delighted to learn about an exciting project, FLOR500, commemorating Florida’s quincentenary in 2013. This project combines art, history and nature in every area of our state. Xavier Cortada, artist-in-residence at the Florida International University College of Architecture & the Arts in Miami will take us through history, planting wildflower gardens, and honoring Floridians who shaped the history of our state.

Floral designers rejoice! February is an opportunity to advance your skills and to see a true master at work. James Johnson, distinguished lecturer at Texas A & M University, will be with us to demonstrate proven techniques using exotic blooms in the most unique ways.

March madness begins with our own Mike Malloy leading us through the wide and wonderful world of native plants. Mike will demonstrate the perfect plant for both small and large spaces. His tips for care and pest free plant production will widen everyone’s horizon.

Be sure to attend each meeting. Look for sign-up information as the events arise.

~ by Gail Duke