April has historically been the month that our gracious Hospitality Committee provides delicious strawberry shortcake at our GMM. At a recent NGC gathering, a question was asked about the origin of this tradition. After checking with some of our longer-standing members, the trail led to Glenda Farlander, who was hospitality chair in 2002 when our meetings were still being held at the Naples Depot.

Glenda was delighted to shed light on the mystery. She said there was a survey taken at the March meeting that year as to what members might like for refreshments at the upcoming April meeting. The top choice was tied between something with chocolate and something with strawberries. Glenda told me with a sly smile, “Since I do not like chocolate (is that possible??) but instead love strawberries, strawberries won out.” The other factor that insured the appearance of the delectable fragaria ananassa (strawberry shortcake) was that they happened to be on sale that week.

Consequently, Strawberry Shortcake April was born.

Sometimes it just takes a sale and a member’s preference to begin a 15-year tradition.