screenshot-2016-09-30-12-15-11Life can get so hectic during Season. Avoid the rush . . . and the traffic!

Do you know how to bring a guest to a NGC Membership Meeting . . . or one of the fabulous public workshops? Here’s how to do it and what to expect.

Since it is now past September 15, you can register yourself and guests for any of this season’s meetings. You do so by going to the event calendar on our website and follow the cues. There is a fee for guests. It varies meeting to meeting.  You or your guest can pay that fee on-line.

Once your guest is registered, the name goes on a list so your guest can be properly greeted (no bottlenecks!) and seated (as in we will have enough chairs for people.) Registration does close a few days before the gathering so the Membership Committee has time to prepare for the proper number of attendees. (And yes, that includes having enough servings of the snack that month.)

So treat a friend to one of our delightful programs or open workshops. It helps the club financially to have strong attendance and it is also a way to cultivate potential provisional members and sponsors for fundraisers.