Over 230 members and guests watched designer Jane Godshalk create nine unique and inspiring designs at the December General Membership Meeting, presented in partnership with Naples Botanical Garden. Godshalk told her audience that “one of my sisters was the smart one, the other sister was the pretty one, but I was the popular one.”

And popular she was. Members and guests raved about her innovative ideas and fabulous designs. One new technique was to replace green oasis with a “pillow” made from chicken wire. This pillow allows the arrangement to be removed from the container intact for watering purposes.

She demonstrated her creativity by lining test tubes in sand, 8 to 10 in a row, with a flower in each. She wrapped the tubes in wool to decorate them. Godshalk is a lover of specialty paper, and she used decorative paper in place of flowers or leaves in one unique arrangement.

Godshalk teaches classes in design at the well-known Longwood Gardens, just outside Philadelphia. She loves to mix tropicals in with traditional flowers. This is the second time she has been featured at a General Membership Meeting. She also taught a hands-on workshop the day after the December meeting in which attendees created their own holiday floral designs using her chicken-wire pillows.

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