November 22, 2010

How do you become a Flower Show judge?  Twenty-four students from seven garden clubs got an introductory lesson at the Buehler Auditorium in the Kapnick Center on November 3 – 5, 2010.  Course 1 included Design and Flower Show Procedure, taught by Barbara May, immediate past President of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and Horticulture, taught by Dale DeFeo from the Calusa Garden Club, also a nationally certified instructor.  Classes were a mix of lectures, discussion, and judging “practice” using actual designs and horticulture.

Gail Pica was Chairman of the School and Catherine Ware acted as Registrar and Proctor. Mary Pulick graciously prepared and served breakfast and lunch to the group every day.  Suzy Valentine from Gulf Coast Garden Club provided all the horticultural exhibits, and Marty Ward and Brenda Norris, Judges from Cape Coral and Ft. Myers, brought designs for the students to judge.  It has been almost a decade since a Flower Show Judges School was offered in our area.  Since our Flower Show needs at least 21 judges, this is a chance to expand the pool of available judges.

Among the students were 7 from the Naples Garden Club:  Judy Brzoska, Liz Chehayl, Arlene Cluff, Barbara Crossley, Connie Kappus, Mary Raymond and Sondra Quinn.

Course 2 will be held on April 6-8, 2011. New participants are welcome; it is not necessary to have taken Course 1; however all members interested in being a Flower Show Judge must eventually take all four courses and get passing grades on all exams on Flower Show Procedure, Horticulture and Design. Contact Gail Pica or Catherine Ware for more information.

by Catherine Ware