Travel season is upon us. When long-distance traveling, there are plenty of environmentally conscious measures you can take.

When it comes to going on a trip, here are some things to think about.

  • Pack light. The heavier an airplane or a car is, the more fuel it uses.
  • Use a kindle. Save a tree or two.
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle and shopping bag.

Before departure:

  • Unplug item around the house and adjust the temperature before you leave.
  • Stop the newspaper.
  • Don’t print off your boarding pass. Have it sent to your phone.

At your destination:

  • Select a “green” hotel. They allow you to do things like opting for when you want fresh towels. All that daily washing uses up more than half their hot water supply.
  • Use the recycle bins in your room and when out and about.
  • Use public transportation. Rent bikes. Rent a hybrid car. Uber. Skateboard. Walk.
  • Eat locally sourced foods.
  • Shop local: Get your trip mementos from local craftspeople. Shop at farmers’ markets, antique, consignment and thrift stores.

At the end of the trip:

  • Recycle guidebooks. Give them to travelers you meet or ask at the hotel desk where you could leave them for others.

So, Bon Voyage! And remember, wherever you go, “Go Green”.