I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas . . .

Here are some tips from Pat Taylor at the General meeting on December 3 on being more Eco-Friendly this holiday season. And guess what? It will also be a less stressful and consumption-driven time of year in the process. 


$75 billion on gifts is spent each year in the US… but let’s remember:  Less is more. 

  • Make every gift count … Purchase only things with value, purpose and meaning.  
  • Consider having the family draw names rather than give gifts to everyone.  This way gifts are thoughtful and unique. Or do a second-hand white elephant exchange with friends. Then no one has to buy a thing plus gets lots of laughs. 
  • Choose sustainable materials …cotton, hemp, silk, wood are all natural & renewable. 
  • Buy local. Support your community & local economy.
  • Avoid glossy or metallic wrapping paper. 


During the holiday season, there is  25% more garbage and waste produced. Gift wrappings is a big part of that statistic. Try new ways of wrapping gifts – fabrics, tea towels, even recycled grocery bags for a natural look.   Recycle your paper gift wrap by putting it through a shredder and then using it as pretty packing material.

  • Be efficient with your shopping. Do as much in one day as you can.  Follow a list to avoid multiple shopping trips. 
  • Recycle last year’s Xmas cards into this year’s gift tags  
  • 2 billion Xmas cards are sent annually. How about sending electronic Christmas cards; sending holiday texts or making seasonal telephone calls.


Again, Less is More

  • Decorate with nature. (We Naples Garden Clubbers have been doing this for years!)
  • 25 million live Xmas trees are cut each year.  A live tree is a good thing especially if you usually replace your artificial tree every 3 or 4 years. Otherwise, use your artificial tree for at least ten years.  Then it is the eco-friendly way to go. A potted live tree is also a super alternative.  
  • Replace old light strands with LED lights. They can save you up to 90% on power and have a longer life.
  • Use timers.  Or else it could be a “Oops, I left the lights on all night”.  

Gatherings …

Could it be? Less is more once more?

  • Celebrate together – pool resources with friends or family and combine guest lists for one larger get-together. 
  • Focus parties as time to connect, relax and celebrate.
  •  Create a natural centerpiece. 
  • Bring out the china, silver and cloth napkins. Skip wasteful
    paper products
  • Avoid serving individual beverages – opt for large quantities
    served in pitchers rather than single-serving water bottles and soda cans. 
  • Strive to keep your menus to foods that are in season and even better yet locally grown. 25% of the energy used in the US is for the food sector. Each food in a typical American meal has traveled an average of 1500 miles. Hope you enjoyed these glad … and green ….tidings.