Whether you are running errands for a good chunk of a day, or dashing out for a bit, there are plenty of environmentally conscious measures you can take.
Suppose you are running around town and you’ve decided to grab a cup of coffee or a cool drink. Do you know you can bring your own travel cup to many places? Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to name a few. You need to keep to a basic coffee, no “Caramel Macchiato, Venti, Skim, Extra Shot, Extra-Hot, Extra-Whip, Sugar-Free” orders  … but it saves on disposable products you use– no paper cup, cup sleeve or lid.  Also pass on the plastic stirrer.  
And let’s talk about the cousin of the stirrer –  straws. Bring your own metal ones and reduce the amount of waste involved in a paper straw and wrapper…or worse yet a plastic straw.  Remember you can always have no straw and drink directly from the cup. Many places don’t care if you bring your own cup for cool drinks and will even charge you less.  Always opt for the fountain drink rather than a bottled or canned drink.
If you are asked if you want a printed receipt – kindly decline.  
Let’s say you are out during the lunch hour and need a quick bite. Here are some pointers:
Eat in the restaurant rather than the drive through. Less packaging is involved and you can hand select the proper number of napkins, condiments, etc. you will use.
Bring utensils from home. I know one of my daughters asked for a special individual travel set of silverware for Christmas. Anthropologie has a cute set.  I won’t tell you what I paid.
If you have leftovers, don’t use a Styrofoam box if the restaurant doesn’t offer recycled or biodegradable leftover packaging. There are great collapsible bowls that you can bring and easily fit into a tote for emergency leftover use.
Stay Green and rest after your busy day!