Janet Tosca

  • Photographer: Marv Diamond, who graciously took photos of all the floral designs.
  • House Hostesses Team: Susie Estabrook (Chair) & Cathy Boltz (Co-Chair), Head House Hostesses- Jean Lemmon, Sally Melvin, Pat McNamara, Lin Springman, Gertie Myers, Candi Child and Pam Siegart. 70 NGC member house hostesses amiably greeted our guests.
  • Site Operations: Carla Higdon  (Chair) & Louise Friedlander (Co-Chair) along with their teams- Liz Reo, Martine Amundson, Joan LaRuffa, Shelly Marcus, Bette Aymar, Connie Marsocci, Jill Chamberlain, MJ Heiderman, Evie Packard, Diane Frisicaro and Diane Dahl set up each of the houses for safety, traffic flow and identified special plant material at each house.      
  • Floral Designs: Mary Raymond (Chair) with Head floral designers Raynelle Perkins (Vie de le Mar) with her team- Diane Green, Marilyn Gross, Kathleen Hawryluk, Linda Heacock, Ingrid McGuire; Rene Lewis (Bones Rest) with her team –Lydia Galton, Eileen Mann, Dottie  Meyer, Irene Pejko, Sue Synnott and Nancy Cullman; Catherine Ware (Aqua Cove) with her team – Irmeen Barsky, Jeanne Bowen, Peggy Coniglio and Melinda Earl; Billie Stevens (Villa Cantera) with her team – Mary Pulick, Barbara Ricci, Roberta Ross, Fifi MacMahon, Harriet Eicken. All the floral designs were breathe taking.
  • Hospitality: Carol LaCanfora (Chair), Sharon Fiedler (Co-Chair) transformed the Buehler Auditorium into a magnificent hospitality suite. All our guests raved at how beautiful it was.  Kathleen Hawryluk, Shirley Wiggington and Marv Diamond adorned all the tables with beautiful floral arrangements.  Over 20 garden club members worked endless hours cutting cheese, fruits and vegetables and plating all the goodies we had for our guests. Some of these members worked double duty doing floral arrangements at the houses and house hostessing as well.
  • Marketing & Publicity: Roberta Ross Chair worked with Leslie Branda and Barbara Sampson in getting the word out to the media.
  • Sponsors: Fifi MacMahon (Chair) & Beverly Metcalf (Co-Chair) worked from late spring through January to solicit sponsors for our brochure, tote bags and tour. Their team Peggy Coniglio, Marv Diamond, Jean Lemmon, Mary Elizabeth Beadle, Susan Mainwaring, and Katie Ryan are to be commended for their very hard work over the past several months.
  • Welcome Raffle: None of our beautiful and unique raffle items could  have been obtained without the work of Beverly Metcalf (Chair).  Her team, Betty Aymar, Gail Barry, Mary Beth Beadle, George Metcalf and Roy Cluff sold thousands of raffle tickets.
  • Brochure, Ad & Magazine Team:  Be sure to say thank you to our talented Joyce Colvario, Jane Corbly and Michel Franklin for the outstanding job they did on the Home and Design magazine article and ad and on our brochure.
  • Tote Bag: Katie Ryan (Chair) and Tote Bag Loading, Janet Donald (Chair) did a super job with over eight garden club volunteers in preparing the bags for our guests.
  • Transportation Coordinator: Gail Duke (Chair) and Catherine Ware (Advisor) organized all the bus routes for the Preview Tour and HGT. Everything ran smoothly.
  • Bus Hostesses: Arlette Bradley (Chair) & Lou Kennedy (Co-Chair) with their team of bus hostesses- Roberta Ross, Connie Kappus, Dusti Beaubien, Karen Anderson, Katie Ryan, Joan Miller, Carol McCann, Bobbye Raye Womack, Kathleen Hawryluk, Leslie Branda, Willie Gorke, Liz Willard, Sandy Lasch, Egle Pedini, Barbara Sampson, Jewell Harris and Audrey Hennessey entertained our guests on the buses and kept the schedule on time.
  • Welcome Desk: June Kroeschell (Chair) & Ann Westerfield (Co-Chair) greeted all our visitors.
  • Special thanks to Diane Green, Volunteer coordinator, NGC President, Sondra Quinn and 2011 House and Garden Tour Chair, Linda Brown.

I am sorry if I missed anyone.  You all made it happen with professionalism, elegance, diligence and humor. Everyone should be very proud to be a Naples Garden Club member.

Photo of Janet Tosca by Deborah Jalbert


2013 House and Garden Tour is February 2, 2013. If anyone is interested in working on the HGT Committee please let me know. I know we have very talented people out there. There is a job, big or small, for everyone.Contact me @ 239-596-0332 or ajcluff45@aol.com.