Published October 10, 2011

Naples Botanical Garden and Naples Garden Club once again combine resources and talents to present the 59th Annual Naples Flower Show.  The two-day event, now one of the largest flower shows in Florida, include Garden Club’s spectacular juried Standard Flower Show “Light” as well as a Garden Market and educational demonstrations. 

Our Naples Flower Show will have on loan to us Stephen Knapp’s “lightpaintings.” These lightpaintings will provide the cover and context for the Naples Flower Show. Stephen’s lightpainting shows have toured internationally and nationally. He truly is a visionary and creates breathtaking works of art that will serve as inspiration for this upcoming show.

“Dreams and imagination command much of our lives when we are young, yet time and society move us into structures that leave little time for them. In lightpaintings I strive to create destinations, small pieces of wonder, places for introspection and meditation where hopes, dreams and aspirations are possible . . .” states Stephen in his artist’s statement on  Be sure to check it out!

Cost to attend the show is $12.95  and includes access to both the Flower Show and main Garden.  For more information, call 239.643.7275.

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