. . . many of our board members revealed what they are thankful for in the Naples Garden Club.


Bev Metcalf, Melinda Earle, Sondra Quinn, Candace Child Kelley, Raynelle Perkins, Arlette Bradley,
Roberta Ross, Pat McNamara, Gail Duke, Peggy Blackburn, Linda LaRue Brown, Liz Chehayl

Linda LaRue Brown, President

I am thankful for abundance; the abundance of beauty that surrounds all of us in Naples, the abundance of health, family and comfort of home and the abundance of friendship and support that comes to each of us as members of Naples Garden Club.

Gail Duke,  First Vice President

I am thankful for all of the support I have received from our president, Linda Brown, and the other members of the Board of the Naples Garden Club.  Since I am a new Board member, I truly appreciate the fact that everyone has been kind, patient and helpful to me.  I am thankful for these new friendships.

Arlene Cluff,  Second Vice President

I am thankful for the extraordinary House & Garden Tour Team. Their positive outlook and tireless work has made this a successful tour for many, many years. I am thankful and honored to be friends with so many talented, gracious and kind fellow garden clubbers. They are all very special and have truly made a difference in my life.

Roberta Ross,  Third Vice President

I am thankful to be part of this fun, entertaining, and educationally active organization. It has given me the ability to nurture new and meaningful friendships, grow by learning and being inspired by fellow members, and contribute with the best of my abilities and intentions to the betterment of our community and our club.

Arlette Bradley, Recording Secretary

I am very thankful for my wonderful family and for our Garden Club. I joined to learn more about tropical gardening–as an added bonus I received a new family of caring, creative and talented friends. Come April, I am also very thankful when the H&GT and NFS are over so that I can lean back and say, “Whew! What a successful ride and worth every minute of emails, phone calls and pleasant duties!”

Candace Child Kelley, Corresponding Secretary

I am thankful for the wonderful friendships I have been fortunate to develop by being a member of Naples Garden Club. I am thankful for the knowledge of floral design and Florida horticulture!

Pat McNamara, Assistant Treasurer

I am thankful for all the wonderful, talented, professional and hard-working people I have met in Naples Garden Club.  This organization is always buzzing with activity as the members enthusiastically design, organize and carryout the multitude of projects that happen each year.  I am thankful to be a part of Naples Garden Club.

Sondra Quinn, Immediate Past President/  Governance Committee

I’m thankful for  my Garden Club friendships, the opportunity to continue learning about floral design and horticulture, the incredibly talented and committed board, committee and task force members who work tirelessly to make our club sustainable and successful and the opportunity to give back to our community.

Beverly Metcalf, Membership Committee Chair

I’m thankful for our 31 amazing Provisional members who are so bright, talented and enthusiastic.  They bring a multitude of amazing experiences that they are willing to share with all of us.  Please go on line to the Provisional Page under Members and read all about them.  Introduce yourself.  You will recognize them by their yellow flower on their name badge.  They are the future of NGC.

Liz Chehayl, Communications Committee

I am thankful for the experience of sharing work and play with the members of Naples Garden Club.  Nine years ago I thought I was joining a community of like-minded lovers of horticulture, design and the environment.  I didn’t realize that I would also gain some of the closest friends of my lifetime, and I am very grateful for that.

Raynelle Perkins, Hospitality/Events Committee

This year I am especially thankful for my first grandchild…Benjamin Clayton. He is adorable.

Sandy Lasch, Development Committee

 I’m thankful for the wonderful members who are working so hard to recruit sponsors for this year’s House & Garden Tour.

Melinda Earle  Facilities/Operations Committee

From our “traveling Melinda”, currently visiting India, we know she would be thankful for the enthusiasm for this year’s Design Workshops, currently filling so fast they are scheduling afternoon sessions. She would be thankful for all the support she received from the members and community to  make our NGC 60th Anniversary Celebration such a success.