Looking for inspiration for a design for the upcoming Flower Show? Stop by the NGC library and peruse the design section. In addition to books, there are some back issues of Fusion Flowers, a floral design periodical featuring famous international designers’ creations.  Many issues include a ‘step by step’ article for simple projects, some with plant manipulation.

Hints . . . Fusion Flowers ‘step by step’ articles, Feb/Mar, 2011: “Fascinating Fascinator,” written and photographed by Wendy Andrade, p. 28-9; “The Pink Pumps,” by Jeanne Marble Tennison, p, 55-56. Photography by Rich Morgan/Morgan Photography.
Plan to stay to review books and periodicals as they do not circulate outside the library.  Make a copy of an interesting article or photo on the office copy machine.                  

Check the Calendar of Events to be sure there isn’t a meeting scheduled in the library before you visit.
We are looking for recommendations for books on plant manipulation to purchase for our Club library. Please email your suggestions to Sue Vernia.   svernia@aol.com.