Mark Strain, Speaker
October 29, 2018
1 p.m., Kapnick Hall
Note this is the First General Meeting of the Season. No General Meeting is scheduled for November.

Collier County is a gem. The lifestyle, sparkling waters and superb weather make this one of the fastest growing metro regions in the country. Don’t we know it?

Try to find a parking space at the beach “in season”, or make a restaurant reservation anytime other than 5 or 10 pm. Come January, Rte. 41 is a parking lot.

While it might seem this massive influx is out of control, turns out, we are in good hands thanks to Mark Strain, Collier County’s Planning Commission Chairman and Hearing Examiner. Mark brings an enlightening, animated presentation outlining Collier County’s urban management plans to our first General Meeting. You’ll leave more confident knowing that someone who can actually do something about the traffic is on the job. We’re all experiencing Collier County’s growing pains but you’ll sleep better at night after this sure- to- be “I didn’t know that!” kind of program.

Good to know Collier County has long planned for expansion. 77% of our area is permanent preservation land, such as Big Cypress and Picayune Strand Forest, ensuring we will never be as densely populated as Miami. And new land purchases to prevent development continue. For example, to protect a panther corridor from development, a land tract was purchased ensuring their safe travel. Urban growth also jeopardizes fresh clean water supplies, but our wells were moved East long ago. And the School Board, anticipating the Eastward expansion, has built two impressively large schools East of Rte. 75.

Of course, there are still massive challenges. Roads are needed to serve the population growth. Developers need to construct more affordable housing, hopefully without municipal subsidies. The county also encourages retailers such as Publix and Home Depot to open stores in less dense neighborhoods so residents don’t have to drive 10 miles to buy milk.

Join us in Kapnick Hall in the Botanical Garden, October 29, 1 pm. Note the final date for reservations is Oct. 24. Guests are welcome with a fee of $20.