Kathy Hume

I love to look at and especially photograph flowers.  I love browsing nurseries for fanciful flowers to fill my lanai.  I love getting to know how much different it is gardening in Naples.  I love learning to make stunning floral designs from one of the best!  I love getting unique vases on ebth.com.   I love buying plants and orchids but I love even more that I have a wonderful friend who is willing to plant them for me.  Bartering iphone classes for planting my flowers is a beautiful thing indeed!


Connie Willson

My love of gardening comes from my father.  Self-taught, he had a green thumb and a creative eye.  When I was child, we always had wonderful flower and vegetable gardens.   Even as a teenager, I looked forward to planting with Dad.  After I married, he helped landscape my “first home” garden, but sadly, he died too soon.  Ever since, when I garden he is always with me.   I know he would love my florida garden as he truly enjoyed our vacations here.


Bonnie O’Connell

My life is filled with many blessings. I love my new husband and our family. Jointly we have four sons. One of the sons proudly served as a 1st Reconnaissance Marine in Afghanistan (2008-2012). I am vice president of the local chapter of Blue Star Moms. I have a passion for real estate, décor and flower arranging. I have taken some courses and I would eventually love to teach the art of floral arranging. I absolutely love doing different types of floral arrangements. I am also writing a book titled, “Mom, everything in life is mental.”


Jeri Blair

During my long career in interior design, I had a cover on House Beautiful and my work was published in several shelter magazines, as well as my being named one of the top 100 designers in the country by House Beautiful.  I did floral arrangements for clients long before taking several floral design classes at City College of San Francisco.  I lived in Charleston, SC, for 32 years, where I learned to appreciate their love of all-green arrangements.  Beauty is my passion in all walks of life.


Dee Pietsch

My grandfather was an avid gardener and wrote a column for his garden club’s newsletter.    He wrote this column anonymously under the pen name, Justa Pest!   Unfortunately, I did not inherit his passion for putting my hands in the earth. My interests were more towards fabrics, furniture and color.  I was a decorative arts major in college and enjoyed a short but loved career as an Interior Designer.  Although my love of design kept me inside homes, I have always enjoyed the beauty of a garden or the creativity of a beautiful arrangement.  As a member of the garden club I am looking forward to acquiring knowledge of all things living.  Even those little “pests” that love to nibble in our gardens.  My grandfather would be proud of me that I have become a member of the Naples Garden Club.


JoAnn Walters

Several years ago in Wellesley, MA, Terry Aufranc (Terry was a provisional last year) and I started a business that we called “The Basket Case.”   I was depositing some checks from our business at the bank.  The teller looked at the checks and quipped, ”Oh, Mrs. Walters, they are so mean to you, calling you the basket case.”  I said no, not mean, that is the name of our business! Obviously, Terry is no longer a basket case and hopefully the same will eventually be said of me.


Dara Foundyller

Gardening in the inner city on a plot of earth the size of a parking space to gardening on two acres of sand on a wind swept island have been my gardening challenges. I look forward to new gardening experiences with the Naples Garden Club.



Naneve  Hawke

I’m an avid gardener and a “plantaholic”, but I have also committed plantacide!

My garden in Toronto has been photographed and published in two Canadian garden magazines, and it has also been on the Toronto Botanical Garden annual garden tour twice in the last 10 years.