InternTaylor is one of the three interns that were funded by our grant to Naples Botanical Garden in April.

A graduate of Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, Taylor is here this summer and working in the Idea Garden at Naples Botanical Garden, funded by Naples Garden Club in 2010.  She will return to Wheaton College in the fall to get her graduate degree in Elementary Education. Taylor hopes to combine her love of art and gardening with education and perhaps find a career working for an outreach educational program at an art museum. In the meantime, she has many fresh and innovative ideas that she is planning to implement in the Idea Garden.

We will follow her work closely over the summer and be sharing with you the things that Taylor has accomplished.

Taylor also writes a blog that will be posted on Naples Botanical Garden’s website starting in the fall. (The blog will appear on “gardeners blog”). So if you have a suggestion or comment to make regarding what you might like to see in the Idea Garden, you will be able to go to the link shown and leave a comment for Taylor.