Jill Chamberlain had an idea. After each year that she entered a floral design in the Topsfield (MA)  Designer’s Fair Flower Show, she, and all the designers, received a word document with photographs of their entries, their awards and judges’ comments. She found it very helpful as a designer. It provided her with a library of designs and information. Why not compile similar information into a Notebook from Naples Garden Club Flower Show?  

So Jill took photos of all of the designs in the Design Division and in the Botanical Arts Division. With the help of Sudie Minamyer and Nan Merrick, she obtained the Judges’ comments for each design and dropped the information near each design on the pages of her document. She created the first Designers’ Notebook for Naples Garden Club Flower Show. While creating the notebook, she observed the amazing amount of talent in the entries. She felt that the judges’ comments reflected the incredible creativity and energy that went into the Flower Show. 

She has placed a hard copy of the Notebook in the NGC Library, and is graciously willing to share the Notebook with all our membership. Jill hopes that the Notebook will provide valuable information and insights for Floral Designers. She said she “needs all the help she can get” when creating floral designs and found the information helpful. She hopes that other designers will benefit from the Notebook,  as well.    

She wishes to do Volume Two of the NGC Notebook for our next Flower Show, “Making Music”. She foresees our membership building our own library of designs. 

Jill Chamberlain has been a member of Naples Garden Club for seven years. She has received many awards for her floral designs in Flower Shows. She has served on several Flower Show Committees and has been Class consultant for NGC Flower Shows.