What will Naples Garden Club look like in 10 years? The board went through a process this fall to decide just that.  The result, “Vision 2027”!

Will our club get larger? Will our primary focus be on fundraising or programs? How will we find our leaders?

Read below this vision for our club that will continue to be fine-tuned over the years as part of the Governance process.

In 2027, the Naples Garden Club will:

  • Offer high-quality horticulture, design and environmental workshops/programs for both our members and the community
  • Have a stronger focus on programs* than on fundraising
  • Identify and develop our leaders through an ongoing Leadership Development Program • Hold an annual fundraiser to ensure NGC’s continued fiscal strength
  • Encourage members to take leadership positions by outsourcing time-consuming tasks and responsibilities requiring advanced technical skills
  • Have a membership cap of 250
  • Be a strong supporter of NBG, with 80% of NGC members also having annual NBG memberships
  • Maintain our office, library, workshops and storage at NBG
  • Hold general membership meetings at NBG
  • Hold a flower show for our members and the community at and in conjunction with NBG
  • Maintain a joint leadership role with NBG in the Idea Garden … donating time, talent and money to ensure its continued success


* Programs is herein defined as our educational efforts