One of the highlights of the April 3 Board meeting was the approval of a slate of new Officers and Directors on NGC Board plus those serving second terms. Sondra Quinn, Governance Chair, submitted the slate to the membership along with the names of the Governance Members-At-Large for the coming NGC year, which commences April 20 at the Annual Meeting.

The positions approved were as follows:

President-Elect – Catherine Ware
Vice President-Elect, Flower Show – Mary Pulick
Vice President-Elect, House & Garden Tour – Abbie Sladick
Treasurer – Janet Donald
Assistant Treasurer – Eliza Nevin
Facilities/Operations Chair – 2nd Term – Arlette Bradley
Hospitality/Events Chair – 2nd Term – Pat Fosberg

Click here to see the balance of the Officers and Directors already in place along with the length of each term.

Governance Committee Members-At-Large:

  • Dusti Beaubien
  • Mary Beth Johns
  • Gail Pica
  • Ann Westerfield