The Naples Garden Club is looking forward to accepting 15 new Provisional Members. Online applications will be accepted at 9 a.m. on November 1. Our new provisional class will enjoy the activities, friendships and workshops throughout our Garden Club year—culminating in their introduction to Active Membership in April 2012.

 New Standing Rules regarding the acceptance of Provisional Members were adopted by the Board.  Please review them here:

Section 2. Proposal of New Members

a. Any member sponsoring a new member shall be an Active or Sustaining Member of Naples Garden Club, Inc. Sponsors shall explain responsibilities and requirements of NGC membership with the applicant and encourage, assist and direct their candidates during their Provisional period.

b. A member may sponsor no more than one candidate in any one Garden Club year (November-April).

c. Anyone wishing to join The Club must attend one meeting prior to filing an application for membership.

d. Applications for membership shall be filed electronically from 9:00 AM, November 1, 2011 until 5:00 PM, January 10, 2012.

e. Provisional members must reside in the Naples area for at least four months of the Garden Club year (November-April).

f. Candidates for Provisional membership, sponsored by one Active or Sustaining Member, shall be interviewed by a member of the Membership Development Committee. Their applications shall be recommended to the Board of Directors. Upon acceptance by the Board, candidates shall be introduced to the membership at the next Regular Membership Meeting.

g. A Membership Development Committee Mentor shall be assigned to each new Provisional to provide guidance.

h. A mandatory Provisional Orientation shall be held each January to acquaint new Provisional Members with the rules and practices of Naples Garden Club. In order to become an Active Member, Provisionals must complete the following requirements:

  • Attend one Regular Membership Meeting before submitting application
  • Submit application electronically
  • Pay dues once accepted into Provisional Program
  • Attend Provisional Orientation in January
  • Attend two Design Workshops
  • Attend two Horticulture Workshops
  • Volunteer for House and Garden Tour and Flower Show
  • Submit entries in Flower Show, either one design or two horticulture entries

i. Requirements of Provisional membership should be completed within 12 months. If a Provisional Member is unable to fulfill requirements within 12 months, she/he may request a 12 month extension or withdraw her/his name for future application.

j. Upon successful completion of the Provisional membership requirements, Active membership shall commence upon acceptance by the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact