Just Imagine – 2023 Flower Show Award Winners

“JUST IMAGINE” Design Division II Awards

Section A- Imagine Flower Markets

  • Award of Design Excellence, Tricolor Award & NGC Best Use of Color Award
    Class 3- Facets of Color – Polly Galliker
  • NGC President’s Award
    Class 2 – Beauty Meets Hardware- Mike Brewer
  • NGC Chairman’s Award
    Class 3-Facets of Color – Margo Tie

Section B – Imagine Couture

  • Designers Choice Award
    Class 4- The Power of Color-Connie Lowrey

Section C- Imagine Earth’s Treasures

  • Petite Award
    Class  7 Minerals – Calcite- Victoria Arkins

Section D- Imagine Celebration

  • Table Artistry Award
    Class 12- Your Favorite Holiday-BJ Gifford

Section E – Imagine Elements

  • Designer’s Choice Award
    Class 15-Fire – Sondra Quinn


“JUST IMAGINE” Education Division III

Education Top Exhibitor

  • Exhibit- 4- Native Pollinators
    FNPS (Florida Native Plant Society)


“JUST IMAGINE” Youth Division IV – Future Gardeners

NGC Award of Appreciation to Each Participant


“JUST IMAGINE” Botanical Arts Division V – “Imagine Travel”

Section A- Somewhere, USA

  • Kathy Reno, Ellen Haffa, Arlene Cluff, Kate Butler and Nancy Patton

Section B- On the Road Again

  • Artistic Crafts Award
    Class 2- New Orleans – BJ Clifford
  • Naples Garden Club First Time Entry Award
    Class 2 – New Orleans – Nancy McGinty

Section C – My Travel Album

  • Botanical Arts Photography Award
    Class 2 – Up Close -Terry Aufranc

DESIGN Award-Winners

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“JUST IMAGINE” Horticulture Division Awards 

Awards of Merit:

  • Section A- Jackie Frodsham – Salvia
  • Section B – Martine Amundson – Amaryllis ‘Interstellar’
  • Section C- Judy Bergauer- Dandrobium nobile
  • Section D- Lynne Duncan-Petrea voubilis

Arboreal Award:

  • Section E – Polly Galliker- Dumbeya Pilosa
  • Section F – Catherine Ware – Codiaeum variegatum

Awards of Merit:

  • Section G – Mary Pulick- Xanthosome sagittifolium

Grower’s Choice Award:

  • Section H- Judy Bergauer – Dandrobium nobile ‘Pink Pandora’
  • Section J- Judy Bergauer- Vriesa – ‘Milky Way’
  • Section I – Diana Lawrence- Guzmania lingulate
  • Section K- Sudie Minamyer – Echeveria lilacince
  • Section L -Connie Willson- Parodia magnifica
  • Section M- Erik Swanson (NBG Staff) – Adenum obesum
  • Section N- Jane Ewy- Begonia rex ‘Escargot’

Collector’s Showcase Awards

  • Section Q- Judy Bergauer – Making Room -succulent collection

Brian Holley Award

  • Section T- Member’s Challenge – Kathy (Karen) Reno

Naples Garden Club 

  • Division Award – Judy Bergauer

Sweepstakes Awards

  • Colleen Bassett – 19 entries & Mike Brewer – 21 entries

Horticulture Award-Winning Plants

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