On May 8, 2013, sixteen time travelers went back in time at the Naples Garden Club library to rummage through decades of yearbooks, scrapbooks, minutes, flower show booklets, house and garden tour brochures, annual reports, and the like, gathering vital information for the 60th Anniversary History Project.

Under the guidance of Lydia Galton serving as chair, twenty members (listed below) of the garden club have committed themselves to research each of the six decades of garden club history to produce the booklet, Naples Garden Club A Brief History 1953-2013.

While getting dusty and eating pizza, the group discussed the scope of the booklet, delved through the many documents found in the library, related information received from oral histories told by long time members, and reminisced about wonderful accomplishments of the club.

The goal of the group is to present a completed booklet to the membership on November 4, 2013, exactly sixty years from the date on which our club was founded. Save the date for the wonderful anniversary luncheon planned for that day.

History Volunteers

Helen Stephens
Carol Conant
Sondra Quinn

Lydia Galton
Sue Synnott
Isabelle Staffeldt

Fifi McMahon
Wendy Knauer
Melinda Earle

Catherine Ware
Linda Brown
June Kroeschell

Kathleen Hawryluk
Diane Green
Gail Pica

Arlette Bradley
Marilyn Gross
Barbara Sampson