Herbs and spices that are grown in your backyard can add flavor and pizzaz to everyday meals.  Adrienne Diaz will tell us about herbs that thrive in our climate and how they can be grown, even in small areas, as a beautiful addition to your balcony or garden, as well as to your cuisine.

Adrienne Diaz is a Lee County Master Gardener and a Certified Square Foot Garden Instructor. Square foot gardening is the practice of using a small space and a little work to achieve great gardening success—including vine-ripened tomatoes, fruits and vegetables.

She has been the project director for the Six Mile Charter Academy School Garden for the last three years and her home garden, Miss Potter’s Place, is a destination for tours on Edible Landscaping (including edible flowers and hedges) along with Backyard Micro Farming.

The November General Membership Meeting is November 6, 2017, 1 to 3 pm, at the Kapnick Center Buehler Auditorium.

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