Terry Aufranc

One of my great joys was as Chairman of “Art in Bloom” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This celebration of art and flowers originated at the museum forty years ago. I worked with seventy volunteers to coordinate sixty garden clubs and twenty-five professional designers to create floral designs to interpret works of art throughout the galleries.


Abbie Sladick

My life is filled with the abundance of wonderful things. My days are spent creating beautiful spaces. My heart is filled with the love of a wonderful family and friends. Now may I learn to fill my garden with an endless array of lush and lovely blooms.



Carole Whittemore

I taught English as a second language to Chinese university students in Taichung, Taiwan. The summer was sponsored by the Association for Asian Studies of the University of Michigan.  I have also volunteered with World Vision International in the orphanages of South Korea, the Phillippines and Taiwan.


Jean Foster

True story. At my first NGC luncheon, I was the winner of our table’s centerpiece, a lovely arrangement of red tulips. As I was leaving, two longtime members noticed my tulips were really drooping and recommended giving them a shot of gin when I returned home.  Lo and behold… although they turned slightly purple, my tulips stood straight up for the next two days after their infusion! That’s when I knew my NGC experience would be interesting and fun both in meeting friendly members and learning some “tricks of the trade”.