Roseanne Werges spends June through October in San Rafael, CA. Her sponsor is Marilyn Gross. She graduated from University of Minnesota with a BA in Social Work and from San Francisco State University with a BA in Journalism. She was a managing editor/publisher of children’s educational science activity books at Symbiosis Book and an editor/publisher of educational textbooks at Continental Press. At FastForward, she was managing editor of a children’s magazine; she taught basic journalism to children and edited the children’s own stories. She has tutored English in Naples middle schools and taught English for Habitat for Humanity. She has been a tour docent for Naples Museum of Art at Artis since 2005.

Did you know . . . Roseann has written 2 children’s books published by Symbiosis Books, “Tina’s Science Notebook” and “Animal Masks and Hats.” They target 4-8 year olds, teaching them about science. She once was a children’s book editor working for Continental Press, intrigued with making science understandable for the younger set.