The National Gardener, the official journal of National Garden Clubs, Inc., is published 4 times a year; it contains valuable information regarding programs and services offered by National Garden Clubs.   This attractive magazine provides current information on NGC, Deep South Region, FFGC, Districts, and member clubs as well as up-to-date details about flower shows, Flower Show Schools,  Gardening Study School, Landscape Design Study Courses, Environmental Studies School, Tri-Refreshers, awards and scholarships, horticulture and gardening, Member Services, Blue Star Memorials, book reviews, ways to protect water systems…..and more!

Your dues include a subscription to the magazine. Please keep your address updated in order to continue to receive each issue.

The National Gardener
Dee Bartcher, Chairman
P.O. Box 237
Mims, FL  32754-0237