FS_Logo“Alice in Wonderland” will be the theme for the Naples Flower Show 2014, adding a new twist of color and whimsy to the event. You may see white rabbits, flamingos, grinning cats, caterpillars and maybe even a tea party! It will be an exciting flower show, full of mystery, marvel and intrigue–a wonderland of horticulture, design and special enchantments. Be sure to pick up your show schedule at the 60th Anniversary luncheon, November 4, 2013, and make your Class selections early .

Members are encouraged to start grooming their beautiful horticulture, and to participate in the unique and various design classifications. For our new designers, a Novice Section will be added to encourage them to participate in all the excitement. Many workshops will be offered relating directly to preparation and designing for the show, so all will have a chance to ‘test the waters’ of their abilities long before the actual date arrives!  So “feed your brain.”

Added to the ever-creative design and horticulture divisions, Avalon Global Garden children will again delight us with Division III, Special Exhibits-Youth Horticulture and Design, and Grace Place students will be expanding our horizons with a Special Exhibits-Youth Educational section.

The adult Educational Exhibits Section will be comprised of exhibits relating to Sensory Plants, Everglades Research, Idea Garden and Florida Epiphytes. All this, along with the challenge of a Photography Section will be sure to give everyone a chance to find his or her perfect area of expertise.

With the many talented members in the Naples Garden Club and other affiliated garden clubs, we are expecting a fabulous turnout of innovative and creative works.  Let your imagination start to brew. Be ready for an electrifying and enchanting display of many creative talents. Some say to survive it, you need to be as “Mad as a Hatter”, which luckily I am!

~ by Roberta Ross, Flower Show Chair