We are eager to Make Music but need your help. Do you have an unused instrument that we could borrow as decoration in the Flower Show? Do you know of any musical group that might be interested in offering their talents to play or sing for a short time during the Flower Show? If you do, please contact Mary Pulick at marypulick@gmail.com.

Member Challenge 2019  – NAME THAT TUNE

Find a favorite song, nursery rhyme, march, symphony, quartet, trio, a little jazz . . . music with good words, rhythm. Once you have “named your tune” choose at least five plants of different varieties in a way to visually interpret your piece.  Use your imagination, be creative and have fun. Registration deadline has been extended just for you! Contact Judy Perkins for more information at judyoperk@aol.com.

Plants entered in the Flower Show must be in a member’s possession by December 20. If you already have a plant, talk sweetly to it until the day of the Flower Show. If you don’t have a plant yet, treat yourself and your home to a new member of the household. We need as many plants as possible to educate the public about horticulture.

Register for Design and Botanical Arts with Carole Whittemore at whittemore.carole@gmail.com. Do a Floral Design– there are new and familiar designs from which to choose. See pages 10 and 11 in the Schedule. Enter Botanical Arts– create a wreath, a topiary. Make a necklace, a hat or decorate a shoe. See pages 14 and 15 of the Schedule to learn more.  Interpret songs through photography. See page 15 of the Schedule for specific information. Contact Harriet Schweitzer at harriet.schweitzer@gmail.com.