After taking the Fakahatchee Tram Tour last year, members requested the Fakahatchee Swamp Tour. So, NGC is now offering this tour. Members will stroll through one of the largest stands of Royal Palms in the park, passing through wild citrus and Guzmania, to the “Fakahatchee Hilton,” a cracker-style cabin. A catered picnic lunch (including chilled wine) will be served on the porch, where members can view alligators in the swamp lake.

Wild vanilla and native orchids are featured on the after-lunch walk. In this portion of the “wet” walk, we will be wading in knee to thigh-high water, so wear long pants and closed-toe shoes that you can get wet. You must be capable of walking 4 miles on level ground and stepping over stones, logs, etc. in the swamp. The Swamp Walk is scheduled January 18, from 9:30 am to 3 pm. For more information on this tour, click here.