Ideas à la cart – Pop-Up Programs in the Idea Garden

About the Idea Garden and frequently asked questions

  • What is an Idea Garden?

The NGC’s Idea Garden at Naples Botanical Garden was created as a place to encourage the home gardener/patio gardener to grow vegetables and flowers in unusual ways

  • Where is it located?

Adjacent to the newly renovated Scott Florida Garden at Naples Botanical Garden

  • When was it installed?


  • How big is it?

Just over 6000 sq. ft.

  • How many people have visited?

Thousands of people have visited, asked questions and been inspired

  • What have been some of the Ideas?

Pizza and Cocktail Gardens
Espaliered fruit trees
Planting ideas for garden pots
‘Kokedamas’, Japanese Bonsai Moss Balls
Patio Ponds

  • Why is NGC involved?

Because we are a community-oriented organization that fosters appreciation and understanding of horticulture as part of our mission. We partner with NBG in mutually beneficial ways to provide opportunities for learning and sharing.

  • What is NGC’s current project:

A 4’ alligator planted with succulents that will rest alongside a pebble & glass ‘Everglades pond’ (see gallery to the right)

A garden chair planted with succulents also using the Moss and Glue method

  • What is planned for the future?

Seasonal special installations to showcase creative planting ideas and unusual plants
Pop Up Educational Programs via NGC’s Idea Garden á la Cart
NGC Member Interpreters in the garden