Before the hurricane:

On Wednesday, Sept 6, in the NGC classroom under the leadership of Sandy Lasch, a merry little group of Idea Garden installation team members gathered to dress ‘Irma’. (This must be an alias, right?)  The room was buzzing with excitement. With a bit of on the spot designing, a dab here and a tuck there, Irma, our lady gator topiary, was dressed in a beautiful tapestry of succulents. And like most celebrities, Irma is currently under wraps waiting for her cue to appear in the Everglades Pond within the Idea Garden. The date of her premier showing will be announced soon. Stay tuned. The anticipation builds.


After the Hurricane:

NGC Idea Garden – CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS.  The cause-  “Irma”geddon.

As Hurricane Irma blew through Naples, she left behind a massive mess at the Naples Botanical Garden. Thankfully, the NGC Idea Garden fared better than some of the other gardens. For the NBG staff and volunteers, the cleanup, replanting and rebuilding of our beautiful gardens will take time, patience and a lot of blood, sweat and tears–and yes, probably some more time.

Without a doubt, we ALL wish that Irma had changed her travel plans. Nobody likes an uninvited houseguest, especially a messy one. So now we will pick up the pieces, clean up the mess, review the plan, regroup, replant and move on with enthusiasm and a smile.

As always, we will keep you updated on the exciting plans and progress in the NGC Idea Garden.

Sincerely, your NGC Idea Garden Committee