The mystery of where to find it and how to get there is revealed!

Where are the meetings being held?
All of our General Meetings, from December through April, will be held in Kapnick Hall. Not to be confusing, but there is a Kapnick Hall and a Kapnick Center at Naples Botanical Garden.

  • When you enter the Garden, if you turn right, you get to Kapnick Center. It is composed of offices and an auditorium. We are not using that auditorium this season.
  • We are going to have the pleasure of parking to the left and walking through the beautiful Garden entrance (called the Chabraya Entry Pavilion PHOTO #1) to reach Kapnick Hall which abuts the Orchid Garden. PHOTO#2
  • Always park in the parking lot; not in the service areas. 

What is the proper routine to follow when entering and exiting the Garden for an NGC meeting?

  • Check in at the registration table in the entry pavilion and follow the stanchions set up for easy entry around the ticketing windows. No need to check in at ticketing. (Of course, go through ticketing if you are just visiting the garden on a non-NGC meeting day).
  • Enter the Garden through the Chabraya Entry Pavilion and up the entry boardwalk, not through the Exit. PHOTO #3
  • Remember to wear your NGC nametag so that you will be easily recognizable.
  • When exiting the Garden, you can experience one more joy by exiting through the Garden Store; if you are in a rush, use the Exit boardwalk by the Shop. PHOTO #4