Horticulture: the term defined in the dictionary as “the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants” and what Naples Garden Club members use to design and exhibit in flower shows.

The Horticulture – Division I, is a very important part of a flower show, as it is in this area that non-designer gardening members can shine. When planning a flower show, great effort is put into making sure there is a Class for all gardeners to enter their prize plants, specialty plant displays, combinations and collections. Many members enjoy working in their gardens and I’ve been told actually “talk to their plants!” Now that’s a gardener! There is probably nothing more satisfying then watching a plant grow from a seedling into a wonderful specimen to enter into a juried flower show. It is a proud feeling of being mother to “Mother Nature”.  Read more . . .

Nature, with its life-giving and nurturing aspects of the environment, including beautiful plants, streams, marshes, oceans, mountains and fields, is another reason why some members belong to the Naples Garden Club. Our environment is portrayed in the Special Exhibits – Division III of the show through exhibits educating members and the public about their surroundings. It is a division that teaches by educating young and old alike to explore nature and aid in the protection and conservation of our natural resources. We encourage the promoting of civic beauty and are honored to continue to be keepers of our earth.

So, being part of the Flower Show really is a lot of fun. It is an exciting task that becomes a very satisfying and rewarding endeavor. Get involved, learn new and exciting gardening tips and design types, make new friends. On with the Show!

~ by Roberta Ross, Flower Show Chair